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Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning The Interiors Of Your Car

Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning The Interiors Of Your Car

Over time, a lot of dust and dirt may accumulate inside your car, allowing bacteria to grow. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly clean your car’s interior and protect it from external weather conditions. You must develop a regular cleaning routine to maintain your vehicle in excellent condition. However, unintentionally, you may make some mistakes while cleaning your car. These mistakes can possibly even damage your vehicle.  

Below, we have listed the top seven mistakes to avoid when cleaning your car’s interior.

1. Using ammonia- You may be using ammonia to clean and disinfect your car’s upholstery. However, you must stop doing so as ammonia can damage your car’s delicate upholstery. Moreover, overusing ammonia can lead to negative consequences like discoloration and damage to plastics, coatings, or rubbers. Also, sometimes it emits vapors that are injurious to health, putting your wellbeing and health at risk.

2. Using inappropriate equipment- You may be using a lot of equipment to clean your car’s interior. However, these equipment will not serve the purpose if you do not use them appropriately. Make sure you do not damage the doors, molds, or other parts while using them. You must be extra cautious in using these equipment on materials that are at risk of getting scratches or scuffs. 

You must choose the cleaning accessories and equipment carefully. Also, remember to not vacuum at places where it isn’t necessary.

3. Skipping the dashboard- Your car’s dashboard must be in clean condition. You should use quality products to disinfect and keep it spotless. Ideally, the dashboard must be pleasant to the touch with a perfect matte. Remember, there must be no traces of liquids on the dashboard as it can lead to its decomposition.

4. Cleaning the roof the wrong way- You may find it efficient and convenient to clean your car roof’s interior by wetting it. However, you may be causing some serious damage to your car by doing this. Saturating the roof fabric or applying too much pressure on it can cause it to rot. The roof upholstery may lose its adhesiveness and eventually become saggy.

5. Using traditional soaps- Cleaning agents and solutions are curated for specific uses. You do not wash your hair with a dish soap; similarly, you should not use regular cleaning products for cleaning your car’s upholstery. 

Many high-quality products are available in the market that are specially developed to clean your car’s interior and protect it from damage.

6. Not using microfiber cloths- While cleaning your car, you must use good quality and clean microfiber cloths to get the desired results. Do not use chemical products to clean instruments and navigation screens as it can damage them. Use a microfiber cloth instead.

7. Overlooking spots- While cleaning the interior of your car, you may overlook certain areas such as cupholders, ashtrays, and the corners between the seats. You must pay attention to each corner and space to ensure foolproof cleaning.

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