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Vinyl Wraps

Want to customize the appearance of your car? Then you should come to Golden Touch Wraps and get your vehicle vinyl wrapped. It is a quick and fast method to transform the look of your car. When you want to customize the appearance of your car, you will have two different options to consider. You can go for a paint job, or you can vinyl wrap your car. The convenience of vinyl wrap makes it an easy choice for changing the appearance of your car.

Auto Vinyl Wrap in Peoria, AZ

Golden Touch Wraps is your auto vinyl wrap expert in Peoria, AZ, and the surrounding areas. We can customize the appearance of your car to fit virtually any style you want.

Car Vinyl Wrap

Our car vinyl wrap services quickly transform the look of your car without breaking the bank. Add in the convenience of a vinyl wrap versus a paint job, and the choice between the two is clear.

Custom Vinyl Wrap

Our company’s custom vinyl wrap services enable you to transform the look of your car immediately without messy and time-consuming paint jobs. In addition, our wraps help to protect your car’s paint, work immediately, and are less costly than paint jobs and other methods.

3M Vinyl Wrap

Golden Touch Wraps is very experienced at applying 3M wrap film to cars in order to make them noteworthy and eye-catching. In addition, this wrap is durable and versatile, with nearly 100 colors, finishes, and textures to choose from.

Chrome Delete Car Wraps

Our company has much experience in applying this special type of vinyl wrap designed to hide your car’s original chrome finish, as this helps to keep your car’s chrome from being scratched. We also have the experience of handling small parts that are too delicate to be wrapped; we remove, paint, then reinstall them after wrapping.

Vehicle Advertising Wraps

Our company can make your car a traveling billboard for a product or service by covering your car in a vinyl material that suits itself to advertising or customer delivery. Your car will become a mobile billboard by adding this wrap directly over your vehicle’s paint job.

Why should you go for a car vinyl wrap?

We maintain professionalism

It can protect your paint

Vinyl wrap can deliver much-needed assistance to you with protecting the paint coating of your car. In fact, a vinyl wrap can withstand debris and weather in a better way when compared to paint. That’s because vinyl wrap can deliver a shield with a thickness of around 3mm. This is the best method available to protect the factory paint of your car from chips, abrasions, and weather. You can even remove the car exterior or car interior vinyl wrap at any given time. It will not cause any damage to the vehicle.

Experienced and certified

You can quickly transform your car

If you want to get a paint job and transform your car, you will have to spend around two weeks getting the job done. This can be inconvenient for most vehicle owners. This is where you can think about getting a vehicle wrap. It will transform your car within few days.

Our services are affordable

Vinyl wraps are affordable

When you do a cost comparison in between vinyl wraps and a custom paint job, you will notice how much money you can save at the end of the day as well. In fact, a vinyl wrap will make you cost only a fraction of the amount associated with painting the car.

Why should you contact us for car vinyl wrap?

We maintain professionalism

Exemplary service

We provide the best car vinyl wrap to you along with exemplary service. Our team will take care of your project and deliver the results you want. You can always count on us to get the vinyl wraps you want.

Experienced and certified

Certified installations

Our expert vinyl wrap installers will make sure that you get a perfect job with vinyl wrap installation. The team will take pride in the service offered to you. All our team members are industry certified. They are provided with proper training to deliver the best vinyl wraps services.

We maintain professionalism

Innovative designs

You don’t have to come up with the design on your own, as we can help you with it. All you have to do is share the idea, and we will come up with the design for you. This will help you to craft the message and proceed with getting the results you expect.