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Car Wrapping – A Guide

Car Wrapping - A Guide

Do you wish to give your car an entirely new look and protect its paint job? A car wrap is the best solution for it. A car vinyl wrap film is professionally applied to your car’s surface, giving it a new color, finish, and design. However, it requires experience and patience. Therefore, you must hire only skilled professionals for the job. Read this blog to learn about car wrapping in detail.

What is car wrapping?

Car wrapping is the process of covering your car in a sticky vinyl coat. It can be of a different color to your vehicle, have a matt or gloss finish, or have a design on it. You can design the car wrap as per your imagination.

How do car wraps work?

Car wrapping is a real skill. You may want to do car wrapping yourself, but you might regret your decision and then go to a professional. If you closely observe your car, you will see there are a lot of curves and lines with gaps around grills and lights and between panels. The wrap must fit your car nicely while following all the car’s contours as much as possible.

How do you get your car wrapped?

Once you finalize the design, the professional will measure your car thoroughly. They must do it with utmost attention to ensure that vinyl fits your car with any graphics in the right place.

Then, the graphic is printed and laminated to protect it against the UV rays that can lead to fading of the wrap.

The professionals will thoroughly clean your car and ensure that it is free of dust, dirt, grit, and other products that may prevent the wrap from sticking. Your custom car wrap company must devote enough time to this process.

Will there be any wrinkles after wrapping?

During the wrapping, professionals use squeegees to smooth the vinyl and remove air bubbles. There should be no lumps, bubbles, or imperfections on the car surface. On the curved parts such as door mirrors and bumpers, they will shrink the wrap to fit using a heat gun. Even the most skilled professionals may end up with some wrinkles on the wrap, but the better the wrapping company you choose, the less likely you will see imperfections on the wrap.

Car respray or wrap?

Wraps offer a lot of benefits over resprays—they are less expensive and complex than spraying. It will protect your car from dust and dirt, maintaining its resale value. Car wrapping gives a new appearance to the car, and you can also get it removed quickly.

How much does it cost?

It is difficult to determine the exact cost of the wrap. Several factors like car size, wrap quality, and design can affect the cost of your car wrap.

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A car wrap can give your car a new look and protect it from dust and dirt. However, you must hire a professional company, like Golden Touch Wraps, for the job. We are a top-rated custom auto wrap company dealing in car wraps. We are known for our team of skilled professionals and flexible services. For further information about us, contact us at 602-330-8573, connect with us at [email protected] or fill the contact form.