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9 Cool Vehicle Wraps Ideas

9 Cool Vehicle Wraps Ideas

Car wraps give your car a fresh makeover and make it stand out. They are also a low-cost means of advertising your business. You can choose a simple design with low-key graphics for your vehicle wrap or go for complex and flashier designs to seek people’s attention. Let’s go through some wrap design ideas that will indeed generate buzz for your brand.

  1. Go metallic- If you do not want your car wrap to look mainstream, choose a matte or metallic vehicle wrap. It will help your vehicle stand out and will surely turn heads. Getting a metallic finish with a paint job can be expensive.
  2. Fill it up- You can fill your whole car vinyl wrap with a pattern or an image. It will allow you to make the most of the wrap and the space available. With this car wrap, you can make your vehicle an effective advertising billboard.
  3. Stay simple- Do not go with complicated and busy wrap designs. You can opt for a solid color wrap or maybe one with a few colors.
  4. Get creative- Consider your vehicle as a canvas and use it to the fullest. Pull out your creative guns and experiment with several marketing and art ideas. For instance, a bus owner got a wrap that looked like a giant snake strangling the bus, and people loved it.
  5. Use every element- Use every part of your vehicle. For example, use the doors, the light fixtures, or the hood as elements for wrap ideas. One common instance is when a bus owner designed a shark wrap for their bus. The wrap fitted the bus doors so that every time someone opened the door; it looked like the shark would eat them.
  6. Illusions- They are one of the most attractive and creative uses of car wraps. It can involve incorporating the vehicle into the wrap design. For instance, a FedEx truck had a wrap on it that looked like it was carrying two UPS trucks.
  7. Quirky designs- Incorporating some humor in your wraps will help you advertise your business and catch people’s attention. People are more likely to remember your business when they see something weird and funny associated with your brand. 
  8. Use creative perspectives- You can create an illusion of depth and three-dimensionality in your car wrap. People will notice your advertising which they would have otherwise ignored. If you want to make show-stopping car wraps, utilize all opportunities to play with your creativity.
  9. Stay on brand- You can increase your brand’s awareness and recognition using car wrap. Make your company’s logo shine and ensure that the color palette on your wrap matches your logo. Your logo should be visible on all sides of the vehicle.

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