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8 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car Wrap

8 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car Wrap

Many car enthusiasts are interested in changing the appearance of their cars. It can give a brand new feel to your vehicle. However, repainting is an expensive option, especially when you are remodeling your old vehicle. You can opt for car wrapping, which is a popular alternative.

But for maintaining this wrap in good shape and making it worth the investment, there are specific measures you need to take to:

  1. Hand wash your vehicle- Carwash may look like a suitable option for maintaining a clean car. However, because of harsh chemicals, it can affect the adhesiveness and the color of the custom car wrap. Bristles and brushes can cause scratches on the surface. Therefore, you must hand wash your car using a soft sponge and mild detergent.
  2. Regularly wash your car – It is easy to procrastinate over cleaning your car. But, with regular attention, the build of dirt and debris can damage your car’s surface. To maintain your ride in pristine condition, you must wash it regularly.
  3. Remove insects, sap, and gasoline- Car vinyl wrap can withstand insects, sap, and gasoline. However, we suggest you remove them as soon as possible. You must wash the affected area with microfiber and warm, soapy water or denatured alcohol. You must avoid using solvents and oil-based products.
  4. Do not apply wax over car wrap- It is a common myth that applying wax to your car’s surface protects it against wear and tear. Instead, it will damage your car wrap and shorten its life. You must apply nothing over your car wrap, only a soft sponge and a gentle soap.
  5. Avoid too much sun- Sunlight does not affect the car wrap. However, the graphics on your car wrap can fade, crack or peel off under the exposure of UV rays. Hence, park your car under shade or covered parking spots.
  6. Do not use a scraper- Snowfall can badly affect the car wrap. While some of it may get wiped off on its own, debris deposits can be a problem to tackle. But, using a scraper is a big mistake. It will leave the wrap scratched and scuffed. Therefore, you must use water-proof gloves to clean the car surface and run water to rinse it off.
  7. Clean off the salt- During winters, salt gets deposited on the vehicles. Due to corrosion, it can significantly harm the car wrap. Therefore, you must immediately wipe off the salt from the car’s surface.
  8. Immediately fix the holes and the scratches- No matter how careful we are, sometimes accidents are inevitable. However, when such holes or scratches are minor, we procrastinate. But, over time, they can further damage the car wrap. Therefore, you should get the holes or scratches fixed immediately.

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