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8 Things to Consider Before Getting A Car Wrap

8 Things to Consider Before Getting A Car Wrap

Vehicle wrapping has gained popularity due to its simplicity, beauty, and economic benefits. It is a great way to catch the attention of passersby and also protects the car paint from dust, dirt, and scratches. Many people use car wrapping as an advertising medium to promote their products or services. However, you must get your car wrapped only after knowing certain essential things. Read this blog to know about them.

If you are thinking to customize your vehicle with a wrap, consider the following things:

  1. Paint condition- To get the best quality wrap, you must ensure that your car paint is in good condition. Car wraps do not cover the paint defects; instead, they may highlight them more. So, if your car paint is peeling or the surface is damaged, avoid getting the wrap job done.
  2. Quality- It is important that you only use high-quality vinyl films like 3M and Avery. Low-quality wraps are harder to manipulate, which leads to poor installation, wrinkles, and bubbles. They also use cheap adhesive, which will damage the paint, thus making the removal process a nightmare.
  3. Installer skills- Picking the right installer is also important. If they are not experienced enough, they may leave seams on your car, making it look very unprofessional. Additionally, if they do not wrap the corners properly or tuck the edges, the wrap may lift from some parts or form wrinkles. Look for a professional installer who performs seamless installation and wraps the car in one piece.
  4. Visible gaps- The original car color may show in panel gaps because the wrap is applied on the car’s exterior, especially if your car is white. The installer will try to hide the color as much as possible but may not paste the wrap to the area between the panels. Remember that the color doesn’t need to always show up.
  5. Care Routine- After wrapping your car, your car care routine will change. You will have to switch to a manual car wash as the brushes used in automatic car wash can damage the vinyl. Hand washing your car with a microfiber cloth and soap is the best way to care for it.
  6. Environmental conditions- Vinyl wraps are very sensitive to environmental conditions. Avoid exposing your car to too much sunlight, and do not park your vehicle under the sun for long. Extensive exposure to the sun will make the wrap removal process very difficult and may also fade the color of the wrap.
  7. Protecting the wrap- Ceramic pro coating helps protect your car from UV light. It also helps you maintain your vehicle and prevents dust and dirt from sticking on the wrap. You can also apply a paint protection film on the wrap to protect it from scratches, minor dents, and rock chips.
  8. Coverage- You must determine whether you need a full wrap or a partial wrap based on the design and the budget. However, a car with a full wrap will have a higher resale value since the vinyl wrap protects the vehicle paint.

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