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8 Reasons Vehicle Wrapping Is Better Than Getting a Paint Job

8 Reasons Vehicle Wrapping Is Better Than Getting a Paint Job

Do you want to change the look of your car? If yes, then you might be confused between a paint job and vehicle wrapping. Wrapping is a very popular option, whereas a paint job may seem easy.

Following are the reasons you should choose car wrapping over a paint job:

  1. Cost- Cost is a very crucial factor you must consider before making any decision. However, any purchasing move is constrained by the available budget. Car wrapping usually costs around $3500-$5000, whereas a paint job ranges between $6000-$20,000. Car wrapping, therefore, is a more cost-effective option.
  2. Options- You may have your preferences about your vehicle’s appearance. However, when purchasing it, you may not get the desired look. Car paint can help you change the look of your car but with minimal color options. On the other hand, vehicle wrapping offers a wide range of options as per your personality.
  3. Installation time- Be it car wrapping or paint job, you will have to leave your car at the dealer’s center and be without transportation. A paint job usually requires two to three weeks and a vehicle wrapping requires three-five days. So, you must choose wisely!
  4. Protection- Your vehicle is prone to scratches, dings, and dents, which can damage the car’s surface and the paint. Vehicle wrapping protects the car’s paint from these common risks. Debris will harm the wrap instead of the paint, allowing the car to be in good condition.
  5. Maintenance- It is essential to maintain the look of your car for long-lasting results. However, when you get your car painted, you have to wax the car’s exterior regularly to avoid dull spots. On the other hand, with vehicle wrapping, you only have to wash the car’s surface with soap and water.
  6. Easy removal- You might want to change the look of your car after some time. However, it is challenging to remove the paint from the car’s surface without any damage. But, removal of the car wrap is easy, and the car’s paint stays pristine.
  7. Resale value- Changing the exteriors of the car reduces the value of the car. When a car is repainted, possibilities are high that the potential buyer might not like the current color. But, when you get wrapping done, you can quickly get it removed without damaging the car, and it will look new and attract buyers. 
  8. Customizable- You may like complicated designs and want the same on your car. However, if the painter is not skilled enough for the same, you will not get the desired look. Therefore, you should go for vinyl wraps as they can be printed as per your detailed preferences.

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